Wednesday 13 September 2017

Browsing internet doesn't work on OSX but it works in recovery.

I recently discovered a macbook pro at my office which was unable to browse the web over both wifi and ethernet regardless of browser.   I was however able to ping sites fine from the terminal.   I tried creating new user accounts and the problem still existed.   Booting into recovery mode however would fix the issue and I could browse the web from recovery mode (command+R at start).

The fix was fairly simple but it took a long time to figure out the problem.

Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions/  and have a look at the dates of all the files in this directory. For me there was a very obvious rogue extension which was added that had a really old date of 2014 and it was some NetNanny.kext file

I deleted the suspect kext file and rebooted.  All my problems where solved.  Back surfing without having to reinstall the OS.

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