Friday 1 November 2013

how to kill XBMC if frozen on AppleTV without Rebooting AppleTV Tethered Jailbrake

I'm currently using a Tethered Jailbrake solution on my AppleTV 2,  so rebooting my ATV really sucks since i have to hook up a computer to get it booted again.   Every once and a while XBMC crashes in a way that its frozen and in the past i'd have to unplug the AppleTV in order to get out of it.

Turns out there's a much simpler way.  All you need to do is SSH into the ATV from any computer and simply type:

$ killall AppleTV

thats it.   this command will kill all processes the AppleTV has running  (apps)  but not actually reboot the device.

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