Friday 23 November 2012

Fixing Missing Delegate Calendars in iCal for Mountain Lion

ever since upgrading to Mountain Lion i've recently noticed that all my shared delegate ical Calendars are not showing up or missing and after looking around for answers on the Apple community forums i came up with a fix that worked for me because apparently this is just a bug in iCal

i did the following:

Login to Google Calendar via a web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
On the left side, locate the calendar you want to add under Other Calendars click on the triangle to the right of it
Select Calendar Settings from the menu
On the Calendar Details page, look towards the bottom for Calendar Address
On that line, go to the right until you find (Calendar
Copy just the part after the colon and before the ending parentheses
Paste it into something (Textedit doc, Word, Stickies, whatever)
Copy/paste the following bolded text before the Calendar ID:
Copy/paste or type the following bolded text after the Calendar ID: /user
You will end up with something that looks like:
In iCal, select Preferences from the iCal menu
Click on Accounts
Click the + button below the list of Accounts
Give it a description, can be anything you like.
ensure you use the CalDAV type of calendar setting under Account Type
Enter your user name. Note that if it is not a Gmail username, you need to enter the part also, critical for Apps for Education or Apps for Business that use their own domain
Enter the password for that account.
Copy/Paste the address you created in the above steps into the Server Address:box
Click Add
The Account Description name will list on the left side of iCal, with a flip down triangle to see the calendar associated with the url entered.

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