Thursday 22 December 2011

How to Stop Launcher Redraws and Lag in Android

if you're like me,   you are soooo sick and tired of having your 3rd party launcher like Go Launcher or ADW or Launcher Pro having to redraw icons after you're using a memory intensive app for a few minutes..   essentially your system memory manager is killing the launcher in an effort to free up memory..   but why is it killing my launcher so OFTEN!   well its because launchers are installed and set to a memory priority level of 6,   which just happens to be the priority level of all android apps..  which means your launcher..  YOUR UI for crying out loud gets no special treatment over say an app like..   facebook..   here's a fix to give your launcher a VIP preferential treatment by setting it to a priority level of 1,  which means it will be one of the last things to ever get killed from memory when you are running low.

redraws are usually NOT launcher specific. if it happens to one launcher, it will happen to the others as well.

there is a fix tho. did this a while ago and haven't had a redraw since.
using root explorer navigate to system
mount r/o
longpress on build.prop
open in text editor
scroll all the way to the bottom
enter the following text:

press the hard back key and save the document
mount system again


  1. Nice!it works..Thx ya!=D im bored with the LOADING page XD

  2. it worked for some moments then it kept restarting, i need a permanent solution, does moving it to system help?